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At Lighthouse Wealth Strategies, we are committed to helping clients plan for and live through retirement by creating income strategies for life. Our strategies are designed to be diversified among asset classes and sectors with an emphasis on income created through dividends and interest. We feel that by providing a portfolio that creates cash flow yield, this puts our clients in a position of strength, whether supplementing current income during retirement or allowing them to be buyers in opportune market conditions. Lighthouse Wealth Strategies uses three sleeves of investment models to deliver income strategies and build diversified portfolios. Our stock portfolio is comprised of high quality stocks that are focused on total return with income through dividends as the primary objective. The mutual fund models that we have created are used to capitalize expertise in markets such as small cap, international, real estate and broader bond markets. Strength in the individual bond section comes from our relationship with several bond desks providing price and yield comparison to leverage our resources in finding the highest quality of bonds with competitive pricing.


We understand that the key to a successful partnership is communication and delivering on our commitment. Our core service model is that our clients will hear from us many times per year. This happens through weekly email commentary, client reviews, bi annual seminars, emails/phone calls and special occasions. Our goal is to provide you the highest level of service and care. Our business has grown strictly from referrals since 1999 and this is the highest compliment that we can receive.
We have a highly experienced team of Advisors and support staff as well as the strength and resources of our custodian, Fidelity Investments. Partnering with Fidelity provides you access to a platform that provides asset protection and superior technology. Fidelity has Assets Under Administration of $4.8 trillion and asset protection through SIPC Coverage as well as excess SIPC Coverage from Lloyds of London.


We conduct ourselves with a strict discipline as the cornerstone of our approach to all decisions, Client First. We will act with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


Lighthouse Wealth Strategies is committed to giving back to the communities that we are a part of. We are dedicated to being leaders and stewards in our area with a sincere desire to serve those in which we share life with. We feel that the key to a successful business is having a balanced approach of working hard for our clients on a daily basis and giving back to the roots that support us.

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